Why Frankfurt UAS?

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Welcome to Frankfurt UAS!

Welcome to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (FRA-UAS). FRA-UAS is a diverse and vibrant campus located in the multicultural city of Frankfurt. We welcome more than 200 students for degree programs, exchange semesters, and summer universities. In addition, we send over 200 students abroad each year.

As the International Office at FRA-UAS, our mission is to provide international and domestic students with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed in their international endeavors. We provide advising and career services, as well as social events for students. Through our international programs, students not only study and complete internships abroad, but they also make memories and discover skills they will use for life. Come join us at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


Sie haben Interesse an einem Auslandssemester im WiSe 2017/18? Es ist noch nicht zu spät.
Für die International Summer University (ISU) Frankfurt suchen wir ab 15. März 2017 bis zum 31. August 2017 eine Studentische Hilfskraft (10 Std./Woche).
Sind Sie an einem Aufenthalt im Osteuropa interessiert? Die Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes vergibt in diesem Jahr neun Vollstipendien für Studienaufenthalte in Osteuropa.
Das International Office bietet erneut dieses Jahr interkurelle Tranings an.