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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Trick


Thekla Unthan

Data Protection Information

  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) does not ascertain any other data than the individual-related information in this form.
  • The data will only be used to handle the events INC 2016 and HAISA 2016. The information will be protected and treated confidential. A transmission of the individual-related data to a third party is excluded. After completion of the process the individual-related data is going to be deleted.
  • You have the right to remove your consent for the ascertainment, processing and use of your individual-related information whenever wanted with effect on the future.
  • The deletion of the stored individual-related data will happen if the consent is removed, if the knowledge of the information is no longer necessary for the implementation of the purpose or if the storage of your data is not allowed because of other legal issues.
  • You can ask for the deletion of your individual-related data by e-mail to webredaktion@fra-uas.de at any time. To do so you have to send the e-mail you received automatically after registration to the address above with the request to delete your data. As a consequence of that you can not participate in the events INC 2016 and HAISA 2016.
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