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Is it possible to become a Ph.D. student at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences?

Essentially, yes. In recent years, a legal basis for Ph.D. studies at universities of applied sciences which intended to ease the process of earning a doctorate for particularly qualified graduates from universities of applied sciences has been established in accordance with university policies. The latest versions of the Hessian Act on Higher Education (Hessisches Hochschulgesetz) as well as several university policy initiatives and resolutions at federal and state level approve such options for obtaining a Ph.D. degree and provide a framework for a stronger consideration and better funding of "cooperative Ph.D. programs". Successfully completed doctorates from the past years suggest that earning a Ph.D. degree at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences has become a relevant issue. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is currently working on responding to these changes in the higher education area in various ways. The first PhD Center ("Promotionszentrum") with the right to award Ph.D. degrees at Frankfurt UAS was approved by the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK) by January 1, 2017, and is currently being established.

Creating a Ph.D. student support infrastructure

In connection with systematic research funding and support, which includes the targeted assistance of individual Ph.D. students, various kinds of support aim at encouraging and promoting Ph.D. studies at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. For example, we are working on both the creation of structured Ph.D. programs and the establishment of a coordination unit for providing information and advice to Ph.D. students and supervising professors in this regard. Moreover, we intend to eventually offer scholarships for Ph.D. students and faculty-spanning qualification modules.

Refining cooperation

Cooperation with a university is a vital element of any successful Ph.D. process at a university of applied sciences. Universities of applied sciences do not presently have the unlimited right to award doctorates. For this reason, establishing cooperation agreements with other universities is currently a key prerequisite for the facilitation of pathways towards earning a doctorate. This process includes the creation of work and research relations and the arrangement of regulated procedures for the support of young academics in particular which allow Ph.D. students with a university degree to earn their doctorate at the partner university. In addition to close liaisons with Hessian universities, both an abundance of nationwide contacts as well as several cooperations with universities in Great Britain and Spain blaze trails to successful doctorates. It is our declared intention to strengthen these established relationships and initiate new cooperations with universities in order to create additional options for graduates of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

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